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REFERRAL: Your child's dental provider should send our referral form and any x-rays, pictures and notes to our office by email.  You can also bring this information with you to your consultation appointment.  A referral is not required but is highly recommended to aid in diagnosis and discussion of your child's ongoing dental health and needs.  We also recommend that your child has a dental home established so that he/she can return to regular dental care after treatment with Sleepy Smiles CT.

CONSULTATION: Once you are referred to our practice, you or your dental provider should call 203-586-1425 to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lauren.  A brief consultation will be conducted over the phone before scheduling your child's surgery and then a Tele Health visit will be conducted within two weeks of the surgery date.

SCHEDULING: Based on your child's needs and operating room availability, surgery may be booked anywhere from 1 week-3 months out.  You will be called with your surgery date and tentative time once it is confirmed. Times are subject to change based on hospital schedules, so be prepared to be free for the entire day of  your child's scheduled surgery. Dr. Lauren usually schedules surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital Children's Surgical center on Fridays.  

HISTORY AND PHYSICAL: All hospitals require a child to have a recent history and physical examination, usually performed at their pediatrician's office or pediatric primary care facility.  This form will be mailed or emailed to you.  It must be completed within 30 days of surgery.  Your child's surgery will not proceed without a history & physical completed within 30 days of the surgical date.

COVID-19 TESTING: All surgical patients are required to have a COVID test before surgery.  The YNHH COVID testing site will call you about a week before surgery to schedule this test for your child.  A positive test result will require cancellation of elective dental surgery. 

PRE-ANESTHESIA VISIT (PAV): This visit is sometimes recommended for children with complex medical histories or concerns about anesthesia.  This is a visit with a member of the anesthesia department at Yale-New Haven Hospital.  If Dr. Lauren feels this is necessary, you will receive information about this at your child's consult and will be contacted by the PAV department to review your information and evaluate the need for an evaluation.  If you have questions or concerns, please call 203-688-5576 to speak with a nurse in the PAV office.  

CHILD LIFE SURGICAL PREPARATION CLASS: This is a 45 minute free, fun, interactive class for parents and children ages 4-12 who are scheduled for surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital.  A certified child life specialist helps children and families understand what to expect before, during and after surgery through hands on medical play, educational games and a tour of the operating room and recovery room.  This class meets Monday and Thursday afternoons.  Reservations are required.  To schedule an appointment, call: 203-688-5573.  DUE TO COVID-19, THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED. 

PRE-OPERATIVE APPOINTMENT: All pre-operative visits are being conducted by Tele-Health at this time.  Dr. Lauren will schedule this visit with you within two weeks of surgery. 

SURGICAL APPOINTMENT: Your child's surgery will usually be scheduled on a Friday morning or early afternoon.  We will contact you with the date of surgery as soon as we know.  All surgeries are performed at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital located at 1 Park Street, New Haven, CT 06504.

POST-OPERATIVE CARE: Dr. Lauren will call you the day of or next day after surgery to check in on your child.  You can also reach her on her cell phone by call or text to discuss any questions or concerns.  A post operative appointment is not usually necessary, but Dr. Lauren will discuss this with you, if necessary.

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