Why does my child need surgery?

Most children and adolescents can receive treatment in the dental office without significant difficulty or trauma.  However, some patients are unable to cooperate due to:
  • extensive dental needs
  • lack of psychological or emotional maturity
  • mental/physical/medical disability
  • extreme dental phobia/anxiety
  • inability to achieve adequate anesthesia
  • emergent dental needs
  • medical complexities
  • complex, painful procedures  
These patients may end up with inadequate dental care or care that causes significant physical and psychological trauma. This can ultimately cause significant anxiety in the dental setting and impact future oral health outcomes.  The delay of dental care can lead to pain, infection and loss of function.

The goals of dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia include: providing safe, efficient and effective dental care, eliminating anxiety, reducing movement/reaction, eliminating pain and and aiding in the treatment of mentally, physically or medically compromised patients.   

Treatment under General Anesthesia is a safe way for patients to receive dental care in an efficient and effective manner.  Patients can return to the dental home afterwards, with their dental needs met.  They can focus on maintaining preventative care and building a trusting, long term relationship with their dentist. 

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